Incorporating sounds from genres of all types & eras – Bnfmusic & Basspatrol Recordings are making some of the most creative music out there in the scene today by blending Disco, Funk, Jazz, Soul and classic sounds from the 70’s and 80’s. With a brand-new music-label founded in 2014 by Boscida und Farcher – Bnfmusic & Basspatrol Recordings – they’ve taken the extra steps necessary to ensure they can continually create and truly live out their artistic dreams. The music itself comes out perfectly as a reflection of the true harmony that exists within this unified musical career they share. Life motto: seek, explore, innovate and experiment, without the immediate restrictions of the fashionable hype. The priority is to be unexpected spontaneous. It’s not an experiment. It’s a simple and open minded vision without boundaries.

Bnfmusic & Basspatrol Recordings – expect the unexpected!